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Endometriosis & new jon


I am new to this. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for 4 years and have been in hospital multiple time.

Recently I have been signed off work for a long period of time due to excessive pain and bleeding, however I am facing disciplinary procedures due to be off which has resulted in anxiety attacks. I had the mirena coil fitted which has really helped and symptoms have calmed down a lot.

I recently got a job as a Health Care Assistant with the NHS, both me and my Doctor have no worries about my capability to do this job, and my healthcare team believe that this flare up which has me off for 5 weeks was an abnormality. However, I am now worrying about declaring my Endometriosis to my new job and having my offer retracted.

Can anyone help advise on this, as I am really eager to work in the care field to help other people, and The way my current employer has treated me with this has really scared me about admitting that I have endometriosis.

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Hopefully they will be more understanding in your new job x best of luck!


Thank you. Nothing worse than Having a male manager tell you are able to come to work, when your doctor has signed you off.


Sounds like an arsehole. If signed off he can't expect you to come in 😐


Surely if they dismiss your job offer after you declare you have endo, that counts as discrimination and you could potentially take legal action against them? xx


That’s what I thought, but now that I am undergoing disciplinary procedures in my current job when I have already declared it and facing dismissal, I am worrying about it so much more! It’s awful that a workplace can make you feel like this, using google searched as ‘medical evidence’ against you when everyone’s endo journey is different.


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