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Frustrated with Gynaecologist

I saw for the first time a Gynaecologist after suffering killer cramps and flooding for over six years.They did find small fibroids during a scan and my gp (who was previously a Gynaecologist) thought I could possibly have endometriosis for the amount of pain I was suffering so I was referred.

The Gynaecologist ONLY advice was the marina coil. I have used this in the past and bleed constantly on it and don't want it again.She said could not offer surgery until I had the coil.

Is this really the only option?

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They can't do that is blackmail, it's up to you what happens with your body, was it a endo dr you saw or just a normal gynaecologist, if so go back to your GP and tell her what happened and do another referral to a endow specialist x

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It was a gynaecologist that I saw. I've booked an appointment to see my dr next week and I'll explain what hopefully she can refer to someone else.

Thanks for the advice x


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