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*north west England Gynaecologists?*



To cut a long story short, the gynaecologist the I was under has been extremely dismissive. I’ve had a laparoscopy done by somebody else, and as that came back clear he is unwilling to do anything else for me, despite the pain that I face daily.

My GP has been brilliant and I am meeting with him to discuss long term pain management. He also is going to refer me to another gynaecologist who specialises in chronic pelvic pain but as he is unsure of who to refer me to has told me to do my research and he is happy to refer me to whoever I think is best.

So, does anyone have any suggestions of gynaecologists in the morth west who specialise in chronic pelvic pain? I’m talking Liverpool/Manchester and surrounding areas if possible please ladies!

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I am from Manchester and my gynae is Mr Donald macfoy. He did my lap and removed everything and he’s really nice . I’m not sure if he helps chronic pelvic pain but worth asking xx

El_mai in reply to princessk09

Thank you! I’ll have a look into it!

Hey I was dismissed a lot for a while but luckily was referred to a private hospital where Mr Amu Johnson saw me and did my lap, he was amazing. This was in blackpool though but he might visit other hospitals in the area xx

I have a very similar story than yours (I e. Very dismissive consultant, lap done by somebody else and came back clear) and I'm now under Mr Rowlands at Arrowe Park in the Wirral. (I paid for a private consultation and he referred me back to his NHS clinic as I was self-funded). I'm waiting for my second lap in less than a month time now! Good luck! x

El_mai in reply to MaloushkaPat

Thank you very much! I will definitely look into seeing him!

I'm also with Mr Rowlands at Arrowe Park. He's an amazing Gynaecologist. I believe his NHS waiting lists are long but he's worth the wait! X

El_mai in reply to discobec

Thank you very much, I’ll look into seeing him!

He is really amazing, first consultant to ever listen to me properly and who gave me a long term plan! X


Hi El_mai,

We know that it is important to feel confident that you are getting the right treatment from excellent medical practitioners and hospital teams.

Because posts which ask for recommendations can be sensitive, as per our code of conduct, please be aware that we will remove posts that name individual practitioners if these are defamatory in nature.

It’s important to remember, that your experience may not be the same as others.

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El_mai in reply to RicEndoUK

No problem! My aim of this wasn’t that posts were made that would be defamatory in nature, I simply wish to hear of others experiences that are positive, in hope that I could have the same positive experience! No negativity intended, sorry!

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