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Stabbing pain after ablation+tubes tied+endo surgery

Hey everyone

Hoping someone may have some advice or can share if they experienced it too?

I had my 3rd endo surgery 8 days ago (excision) with the addition of endometrial ablation and tubes tied. Recovery has been pretty normal, with the exception of a haematoma above my belly button im keeping an eye on.

However much worse than that has been persistent stabbing pains, every 5 minutes, sort of vaginal stabbing pains, as well as stabbing pains when i pee or poop. Its really painful.

I sont see my surgeon for another two weeks but ill see a gp this week - i was just wondering if anyone has had these procedures and what their side effects were like? Will the stabbing pwrsist? Is this my new normal? Does it get better eventually?

Big hugs to all - hope this post finds you in limited pain with lots of heat packs and meds and tea close by.

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