Laproxcopy or not?

Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice. I have been all the way through medical advice and after many appointments was told it was 'probably' endometriosis :/ I found this quite upsetting and asked if there is a way they can be sure? They said they would have to do a laparoscopy but wouldn't recommend it if I want children. They recommended I look into contraception to stop symptoms instead. I have recently started getting really painful stabbing pains when I do high levels of exercise. Feels like a cross between period pain, extreme need for a number 2 and being stabbed in the lower abdomen, this is really affecting me and I have put on quite a bit of weight as a result. This leads me to believe the endo is getting worse but when I mention further symptoms to my gp they say to hold off on surgery till it is really necessary. I don't no what to do? I'm really worried about how this will affect me long term if I do not do anything but the doctors have scared me? Any advice?

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I had a laparoscopy in May, endometriosis was found and removed and a mirena coil was fitted to try and get the endometriosis under control. I was never advised that a laparoscopy could affect fertility - I know endometriosis can though (but I have kids so it's not an issue for me). The only advice I can offer is that if the pain is so bad and it's affecting your life there are very few options ☹️ & it's an answer so you can try to control it. I don't understand the notion of seeing if it gets worse when the pain is so bad now. So far for me the pain is less since my laparoscopy and mirena fitting so I am hoping for the best. Xx

Hi, that sounds odd to me. I've also never heard of a laparoscopy being put off because someone wants children. Who exactly said this? Do you think they really know much about endo?

I also get the stabbing pains, so sounds very familiar.

One option is to ask your GP to refer you to an endo specialist. Look up the registered centres here

Hi, surgery can affect fertility if they go mad removing all the endo, cysts on ovaries etc.

My surgery in sept is termed fertility sparing, so it aims to improve pain and get my body as good as poss for getting pregnant without comprising fertility.

At the end of the day its ur body and they can not do anything witho3 ypu consent. You can have a diagnositic lap, so a look around to confirm endo again you can state do not remove anythin, or you can remove cysts if wont damage fertility etc. Good luck x

Thanks very much everyone for the advice. I think another trip to the gp might be needed. The advice has made me feel better about the possibility of a laparoscopy. :)

I've not heard that before. A lap is only a minor procedure and it's the only way they can officially diagnose endo. Also you don't have to have any treatment during the lap.

I'm in the exact same boat, the gynaeo is putting it off til I want kids so if they find anything, they can remove it to give us the best chance. I mean I'm 20 and want kidd in 5 years or so but I don't want to have to wait til then for a diagnosis, and what if it's caused damage by then? I'm going to go back to them and push for a specialist bc I'm tired of being put on a different pill every 3 months!

I'm glad someone is getting the same confusing information. It's quite scary reading so many cases where nothing has been done and then it's too late. I don't want to be in that position so I think I'm also going to ask to be referred to a specialist. X

I have been told the same! Waited over a year to see a specialist after my abdo ultrasound showed "nothing abnormal" - pahaha, being on morphine during my period is "nothing abnormal?"". When I saw specialist, she said they wouldn't do a lap if I wanted children, so she sent me for another scan (internal and external ultrasound again) and the sonographer specialises her research in endo, she laughed and said that a lap would only interfere with fertility if I was trying for children around the time of surgery as it was a risk, but it was ridiculous that a lap wasn't booked in and discussed in more detail.

Glad Im not the only one feeling fobbed off, although I know its rubbish. Hope you are ok xxx

I don't understand how gp's can be so unclear about this. It's so common now it's scary that so many people are getting conflicting information. Thanks for all the replies - really helps xx

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