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Good or not?

Hi everyone, so today I had my appointment with Gynocology the outcome of the appointment was that they are certain I have endometriosis. They have suggested I go onto the pill for 6 months not having a period to see If this helps my symptoms and they will see me again in 6 months to figure more treatments depending on how I get on with the pill and if my symptoms ease. However not much information was given, I thought I would need a laproscopy to see where the endo is and what stage etc? So I'm a bit confused as to what is going to happen next because the doctor said if I feel great after 6 months I don't nessacarily have to come back even though she did advice it. Surely if she's just said I have endo I would need more treatment and more than just staying on the pill considering how poorly I feel all the time. I just feel a little lost the more I think about how little has been sorted today really. Can anyone help? Or any opinions?

Thank you :) xx

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My first appointment the gyne also said he was sure I had endo and said ultrasound scan then op. He advised along with my GP to tri-pack my pill.

Scan showed all clear which was good just waiting on appointment for a lap now.

After 3 months on the pill I personally found it didn't help at all and started getting horrendous spots on my face and back, as well as hot flushes and terrible mood swings!

GP said to either stop them all together or go back to just monthly use.

My partner and I have decided best to stop all together for now and wow the improvement... I'm actually a nice person again, plus spots gone and hot flushes gone!!

I guess the pill affects everyone differently, but 6 months straight seems a long time. Maybe get in touch and ask about tri-packing?


Hi thank you, yes I will see how I get on with the pill but if it doesn't improve anything I think I will get in touch. Do you think they may offer me a scan a lap on my next appointment then, because if I do have endo like they say I would like to know where and what stage etc. I hope you don't think I'm being nosey, so do the doctors still think you have endo with the pill not improving anything?

Thanks for the reply :) x


Hi, how has your gyne come to the conclusion that you have endo? Unfortunately the only thorough way to diagnose is via a lap, unles you have had a scan and something has shown up, which is rear unles it's a large nodule or on overies.



Hi, she literally just said because of all my symptoms she's convinced it's endo and therefore treating me for endo. But I know I need a laproscopy to confirm it and to see where and what stage it's at but they haven't mentioned it. I want it done as iv waited 6 years I just want it all confirmed and to start proper treatment. X


Hi, the pill could help with your symptoms and could stop the progress IP of the endo, but want resolve or cure anything, and in theory your endo could still progress, as soon as you come off the pill you will be back to square one, , the main treatment for endo is excursions surgery, I would ask your gp for a refferal to bsge centre, x


Thank you very much I think I will ask for a referral I don't want to wait another 6 months for answers and being in bed nearly everyday poorly. Thank you for your help xx


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