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Endo or not

My gynaecologist is not to sure if I have endometriosis but said there is a possibility that I may as I suffer from some of the symptoms. I suffer from very bad pelvic pains on my lower left hand side a lot , which worsens before and on my menstrual cycle. Started my period aged 10 and never had any problems up until now. Was on the pill last year April and stopped July/August as wasn't getting along with it. The pains I'm currently getting now started around the time I was on the pill.

The pill was the first conception that I have ever been on. Was just wondering if anyone been through something similar or has any advice? Been advised by my gynaecologist to try the Minera Coil but seeing other people's post my symptoms does not seem all that bad however the pain in unbearable.

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I've just turned 23 recently. I've been having my periods regularly since I was about 10 (started in year 5) my periods has always been very light/medium and last about 5-6 days or less. My periods has never been painful or all that painful. The pains I am getting now is very much a burning uncomfortable sensation wouldn't even know how to begin to describe it. I don't have any problems with my bowel or any of the ones you included. I have been suffering from pain during sex but that has just been recently and very on and off.

I only starting using the pill as a form of conceptions


Been with my partner for a very long time. So we're both clean and do regular checks for STI's and they've always been negative. Had swabs and test done and there's been no infections.

Had a pelvic exam done and it wasn't painful just uncomfortable.

I had an ultra sound done and they said I have fluid of my pelvic but when I saw my gynaecologist she told me that could off been caused from a cyst that burst from me taking the pill.

Really don't think I do have Endometriosis as been reading up about it an a lot of the symptoms doesn't necessarily comply with me apart from the pain I get before and during my menstrual cycle.

Kind off confused as why mgynaecologist thinks I may have it. Do have a review in a few months so hopefully I will get some more answers


Hi there. Could you have a look at my post from yesterday slightly further up the page and let me know if you can relate please?



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