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Please Help!


I am writing to ask for some help and support. I have a laparoscopy booked for this Thursday. My endometriosis has been confirmed via an internal scan and the endo is mainly in my womb. Not only that but the surgeon is also going to cut away the excess scar tissue from two caesareans, the last of which was thirteen years ago. But here's the thing....i'm absolutely PETRIFIED!! I'm a fairly anxious person anyway but I'm completely freaked out by the general anaesthetic (scared I won't wake up OR wake up half way through) and scared of the after effects /pain from the op and recovery time. My symptoms have calmed down significantly over the last couple of months( although I still have extreme fatigue) so I'm almost tempted to cancel although I saw the endo for myself ( flashes of red all over the screen) . Please please can someone offer some words of support and encouragement. I know you lovely people will understand. I wonder if I've got used to feeling rubbish and the op will give me a new lease of life !! Going out of my mind with worry - help !! Xxx

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Hugs. You'll be fine. You've had 2 c sections. And they were ok. And now you've got 2 lovely children.

This op is hopefully going to help you have a better quality of life. Which means your doing this for you but also your children.

I'm scared of needles. This time round (I've had 2 laps). They gave me something to calm me down first. Then I woke up after it was all over. The recovery isn't too bad.

Worst thing is the gas pains. I took peppermint capsules twice a day to help with that. It also helped with the bowel motions after too.

And you said your last c section was 13 years ago so your children can help with your recovery. Doing thr housework and making you meals and drinks.

It's been worth it for me. And i hope it's worth it for you. From what you've said it sounds like it will be.

Hugs x

klp4 in reply to fizzyfo

Hi Jen38,

It's ok to be scared about procedures but you are right about thinking of how it's going to improve your symptoms and the quality of your life. I wouldn't cancel the op, it's likely you would really regret that decision. Plus getting pushed back on the waiting list isn't a great option.

Have you thought about talking to the team or the consultant about your worries. Having someone go with you on the day maybe they could help you tell the nursing team how you are feeling so you get a bit more support. Sometimes we just need to ask for more help, I know that's a bit scary too! Best of luck tho , you can do it

Keep me posted xxxx

I was so terrified about my op too, I rewrote my will! I was worried they wouldn't find anything (they did). If it means you'll have a better quality of life then be brave and go for it. Speak to your anaesthetist about you worries, they should be able to put you at ease. All the best xx

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