Help please how to calm nerves before op tomorrow

Hi I have been reading The emails that come through each day and my heart goes out to everyone's suffering. I have been so low that I couldn't even write but now I have an op this Monday and I am so scared a at having more surgery. I am seeing Mr Kent at royal Surrey and I get the impression that although another op will cause some adhesions that surgery has really moved on to minimise them and that it is definitely worth removing any existing adhesions. I am on gabapentin and amitryptaline for the nerve pain but it is still there. Has anyone had relief from the nerve pain post surgery and been able to come off these drugs? Also can Anyone share their surgery experience under Mr Kent, obviously Positive feedback as. I know of the rules on this site. I am scared that post surgery they are going to kick me out of hospital too early to vacate my bed as I get very sick with generals despite years of anti emetics and because of my constant joint pain it takes a while to get the pain under control. How can I tell the docs and nurses of this without soundin I'm being difficult and don't want to be discharged too quickly.

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  • All I can say is to go in with an open mind, stay positive and calm. Can I ask what kind of joint pain you get? I am attending a physio at present and have over the years because of knee, back and now hip pain. They just tell me that I am just a bit stiff, to do exercises etc. I am so fed up with feeling 90, especially as I am 42! I am sure things will go to plan tomorrow and that you recover well. Stay strong.


  • I can't answer your questions but want to say that I have had about 10 operations and that I have always been well cared for, so am sure that it will be fine. Good luck and stay calm. Tell the nursing team your fears and I am sure that they will do everything that they can to help xx

  • I also can't answer the questions... But I wanted to say it is scarey any hospital trip is worrying so to me surgery is a scary thing no matter how big or small!!

    I had my lap done on Thursday and I was given a choice of staying in/going home. I chose to go home as I've spent enough time in that hospital this year!

    They may very well do the same to you?

    Good luck for today x

  • I'm a big fan of rescue remedy you can buy it from good chemists and works. Good luck with the op. X

  • thanks everyone - have packed my rescue remedy and feeling more positive. Pain bad sitting so hoping when I get admitted I can have a bed immediately to lie down! Aabb I can relate to that feeling that i am a 90 year old rather than 48. I think its fibromylagia but waiting on a definite diagnosis - my mum suffers from it. Will post how its gone when am back home.

  • Hi there, thought I'd post something that helped me on my surgery day (v nervous!) - I downloaded 'Conscious Embodiment' onto my iphone - it is a series of what you might call relaxation techniques. There is even one for 'Patients' for times of illness! I found it really helped me calm down and I used the techniques when in the pre-op waiting area. Did find it help me. Good luck! xx

  • Chilligirl, def going to have a look at those relaxation exercises, hope they have post op ones too! Had op and back home, bliss after no sleep. Found endo, thinks it been cos I have been on oestrogen only so now back on combined. Hoping this is the last of it!

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