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I'm in the process of being tested for endo. So far I've had an ultrasound and the woman told me it looks like my left ovary is stuck to my womb. I get my proper results and what will be happening next on Wednesday 21st so next week. I am finding this very difficult and feel like I can't speak to my family or friends and even my boyfriend becuase no one understands. I just need some help. I found this page hoping to find people out there who have been and are going through this. I feel so alone and have been down for a few days now. I am scared and really don't know what to expect please someone help me😔

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Don't worry about it hun, youre not alone, most of us women here are suffering from endometrisos and have been given treatment for it. I had some pains in the afternoon and tried some black seed & honey, it's got rid of the pain for now and to relieve your depression, try writhing a diary and express all your emotions. Trust me you'll feel a bit better. It's a very emotional experiance for us but we must keep together and raise more awareness. If you want to know more about laproscopy procedure, let me know and I'll give you further details.

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Thank you so much for you reply! I had my scan on Tuesday and the woman said it looks as tho my left ovary could be attached to my womb as it was not moving about like the right one was! I get my proper results back on Wednesday coming where I will find out what they want to do! It's just a very scary process as I'm not 18 nearly 19 and since I was 13 I've always thought that pain this bad was just due to my period but it's nice to finally get some answers! Thanks again!!


It is very scary. I stood in your shoes last year and i had no idea what was happening to me and i really felt very down, upset and scared. I didnt know what endo was and they discovered it when i had surgery.

Endo is not visable on scans, so if they are thinking that you have got it then it could be a possibility you can have surgery, but it can be helpfull.

Do you have any other symptoms?

I did CBT Therapy to help me with my moods and how i felt. It is a good experience and very helpfull. As well i started yoga, 5-10 minutes a day and breathing exercises and this seem to help me too.

Look after yourself!


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Thank you for your reply!!!

I get results on Wednesday and they will tell me then what steps are needed and what they want me to do!

I am unsure as to what typical symtoms are. I have a lot of pelvic pain and when I have a period it is very painful. I also experience a lot of pain during sex and I constantly feel like I need to go to the toilet!

What is CBT therapy? I would like to find ways to be able to control my emotions and feel more relaxed so I may have to try yoga!

Thanks again x


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is CBT.


It was a 5 week programme for 2 hours each week and it helps and challenge with your emotions, behaviour and physical symptoms. How yo think differently and 'out of the box'. You can ask of GP to refer or you can go directly to website. I just send an email about how i was feeling and they contacted me the next day.

Yoga is great, because it just makes you focus on your breathing and do gentle exercises. I am not doing it very long every day, but i notice a difference in my mood.

The symptoms you decribing sound familiar. Are you feeling bloated? Tired? Quickly full? Pelvic pain is 1 sided or both? Other aches?


Hi Hun. Just wanted to reply and say you are not alone. I had my first laparoscopy this year and they found that both my ovaries were stuck to my womb. Try and make as much use of this community as you can - although every woman is different, there will always be a story you can relate to. Look after yourself, we are all here for you xx


Thank you for your reply!! I feel very comfortable on here as if people actually understand how I am feeling which is nice! It's nice to know I'm not alone and that people understand x

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You are not alone! We are here for ech other to help, share and empower. :)


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