Hi all, I am 23 and have been suffering really bad abdominal pain since April 2014 after lots of swabs an internal scan and normal scan they still can't find anything. The pain started on my right side but now has spread all over my abdo area and I even get pain under my right rib and bottom of my pack strange periods that come when they please and abnormal bleeds painful intercourse aswel. I cry with pain and a times I can not walk, I went to see my gyno last week and I'm set for a op on 23rd of March and he's told me that he's certain it's Emdo but iv read up on things and I'm really worrying myself and feel so alone with the pain my other half just has no idea what I'm going on about and thinks I'm going on too much about it but I'm just really scared can any body help?! Please x

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  • First of all you need to have a chat to your partner about how you feel it's inportant he understands what your going through cause these sort of pains can so many other side effects that you never really think about but it's all linked. I suffered really badly with depression due to my endo as it was getting me down as in I was so drained every month it was really affecting my moods. Getting the op is Definately worth it to get answers it sounds crazy but theres a sense of relief to get a diagnosis. I was 22 when I got diagnosed so we're of the same age. Best thing is do not read stuff on the Internet it only will freak you out. Try and get small comforts out of hot water bottles, painjillers, baths etc these things will help and give you relief for a short time. My boyfriend went to all my appointments and was there when I got all my ops, it's inportant that he knows as much about it as yourself as it'll take the strain off your relationship. Good luck with your lap love x

  • I know how you feel lovely, I was sure I had endo before I was officially diagnosed but was still terrified incase it wasnt and I kept convincing myself it was all in my head so when i woke up after the lap and found out it wa endo i was so relieved I wasnt crazy! Your symptoms sound like endo, try not to worry yourself, i know you will anyway but the op will help so much! good luck for it lovely

  • I know exactly how your feeling.. My op is on the 21st of March. The op itself doesn't bother me it's what they might find terrifies me!! My partner has been to my appointments with me and I thought he understood.. But he told me today he is sick of me being mardey all the time. I know I ain't been the greatest to be with lately but it's so hard emotionally, physically and mentally. It's made me think if he can't handle this now what's he going to be like after my operation and if it's not good news. Sorry to rant on your post. Hope it goes well xx

  • Having not long been going through this exact situation I completely under stand how you feel. I felt so isolated and was totally run down. Try speaking to you partner telling him how you feel and that you want and need him to be involved. Explain to him how your feeling, why you feel like this and how he could help you through it. It does get to them too, well to my partner he expected the absolute worst and bottled up how he was feeling which made him less of a help as he was being distant so although you are going through the physical pain they might be feeling it in other ways. Try support each other, keep each other upbeat, we would arrange one night a week where we put our phones, tablets etc away and spend quality time the two of us just chilling out and hanging it helps feel closer it seems to help us be stronger hope this helps.

  • Thank you all for your replies... I have spoke to him he's just not very understanding when it comes to all things like this he just lets it go over his head and tells me to stop worrying and stuff but my moods are horrible and we have some real horrid days when all I do is bite his head off but to me it's the other way round I feel on my own and that es never there and stuff and I know it's my hormones and body but it's horrible my tummy swells really bad aswell I'm only a size 8 but it swells an makes me look massive.... Has any one else had the pain as far as the rib an near the belly button?! And horrid head aches?! X

  • firstly, I'm sorry you've had such a horrible time. try not to stress about it too much as stress can increase pain in general and its probs stress that's giving you headaches too. i agree, the tummy swells are really crap. ive recently cut out bread and pasta and its really helped with bloating. I agree with the others on here saying that once u get a diagnosis confirmed, you immediately feel better. before my laparoscopy, if I found myself at work but in pain and so bloated I looked pregnant. I fell embarrassed and ashamed of how I looked and I felt like the weak link of the team because some days I'd have to go home early etc. since my op, and getting my diagnosis of endo, I'm so much more happy and confident! if I'm bloated, I'm not scared of someone asking if I'm pregnant because I'd feel more than happy to say no, I have endometriosis and I feel proud of myself now for what I can do, rather than focusing on what I can't do. I hope that u can try to be patient with your body until your appointment comes round. and I hope that like me, you feel much better once you get a diagnosis.

    I found with my boyfriend, that he wanted to help but because he couldn't fix me, he would get frustrated and kind of couldn't be bothered talking about it. I sometimes want to just voice my feelings about how I'm feeling about my endo, and I usually get "u should tell your doctor" or "I don't know what to say" while staring at the tv! I find women are much better to talk to because they understand that sometimes u just want to voice your feelings and talk and talk about all the tiny fears or worries u have. if u have any female family members close by or some lovely neighbours u could talk to them. I don't hav anyone nearby as i live in england and my family are in Ireland but talking on here helps.

  • Thank you for such a lovely reassuring reply Hun.... It's the not knowing yet that's driving me crazy I'm very lucky that I already have a family as I av 3 little boys (yes I started young) but at times like today I'm in a lot of pain and feel so guilty that I can't do half as much as they would like me to so that really upsets me an as they are so young I can't explain. Yes my partner is the same in that respect but he's very gud when I'm doubled over in pain at helping... When I get bloated I look pregnant an many times my family members and friends have asked the question... Does any body have any tips of what food I should cut out and what food I should eat to try help with this as I will try anything to help this pain ty x

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