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Diet after surgery

Morning ladies

Hope you are all well, I'm currently in recovery from my "look and treat" laparoscopy they found adhesions and endo cells on my pelvic wall so they removed them.

Slowly getting there with recovery being able to move round and the swelling is slowly going down but since the op I've been struggling with my food.

I was put on codine and suggested to eat soft foods to aid bowel movements however I've been on this a week having smoothies, fruit and soup now I can't eat regular food without a night of searing stomach ache. It keeps me up all night, can anyone help me with what they have done post laparoscopy to maintain a healthy diet?



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It's probably the codeine. Are you able to wean yourself off yet? I was told to try to only take it at night.

You could try lactulose stool softener. I have been sent home with a bottle. Other than that it is just lots of fresh very and fruit. Try to avoid processed food and go for high fibre options. I am eating German rye bread say instead of white wheat.

Ironically with lactulose I am having the opposite problem.!


I've been taking one in the morning and then one before bed as I'm struggling to sleep. I sleep usually on my side but I can't at the moment but in my sleep I revert back to on my left side in a ball which hurts me in the morning.

I have laxidose sachets I take on a night which sounds the same as what you were given. It's helping but I'm living off smoothies fruit and soup my stomach won't allow for anything else. It cramps and the noises that come it's awful.

The laxidose helps it's just the cramping and noises that are bothering me at the moment.


The stuff I have is a syrup in a bottle that you drink - sounds different it's a stool softener as well.

Hugs. I am fed up with my bottom explosions too. The gas doesn't help.



Hi, if you have the option, Movicol is a softener like lactose but doesn't give you wind. Much better imo.


How did you go?

I have your problems now. Just bunged. Turned out that I have a virus causing the diarhoroea.


Hi, I was once given a great tip by an osteopath. To stop yourself rolling onto your side at night tape a beer bottle top to your upper arm. When you roll onto it, you should roll back without waking up. Well, you might wake up the first time, but soon you don't.


Depending on how sore you are I went on to Solpadine max after a while. Which has less codine than I was taking to start with. Along with the latulose.

Long term changed my diet. Chia in my soaked oats help me to keep me regular. I cut out gluten, minimal dairy now. Eating a lot of fruit and veg. No coffee. I'm not in the same pain as a result. I have stage 4 rectovaginal endo.

Hope you feel. Better soon.


I have recently cut out gluten & lactose, not totally but say 2 meals out of three are free from! And I have noticed a huge difference in my bowel symptoms! I'm still struggling to be diagnosed and my gynae symptoms are still terrible but it has been making a difference! Xx


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