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Back to work merting

Hey ladies.

So if you read my earlier post you'll see I had some trouble with work. I had my back to work meeting with my team leader today and I feel a bit better but not much.

They HATE the fact I am on morphine and they seem to think I am unable to work on it despite me telling them I've been working on it since I started!!!

I've got let away to go to the doctors to get a note saying I need phased return but they also said this isn't a permanent thing like I was stupid? I'm only asking for maybe a week of shorter hours just until I get adjusted again.

I felt very pushed, almost like they were pushing me to the decision that I ament fit for work although I truly believe I am.

They've made me feel terribly guilty for asking for more time than I thought to recover and I just feel absolutely awful.

Needed a little rant!!

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