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Hi its my first time here. I am after partial hysterectomy n nw in for another surgery whereas my dermoid cyst is attached to the bowels. Surgeon mentioned thr is a risk of bowel damage n then i wl hv to wear a colostomy temporary. Anybody here with bowel damage n a colostomy experience ?? In that case did u wake up with a nasal tube which goes down to ur stomach ?? That terrifies me more than anything else..never wanna wake with that sickening tube in my nose...and if so how did it feel like ?? Pls help this is killing me...worried sick abt it. Surgery on sunday

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I haven't had the surgery, but I was told that mine is also attached to my bowel and kidney and that I may need surgery on this. I have had a look around on here and there are older posts about this if you search; all the ones I have read have been successful stories. Hope it all goes well x

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Thank u so much...great relief..



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