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Nausea / loss of appetite post lap - help!!

I had a laparoscopy on 30th June and since then my nausea has taken a turn for the worst.

I've always suffered with nausea alongside my pain and I'm on daily antisickness but since my surgery I can hardly manage 1 meal a day.

I'm exhausted and meant to be back to work on Monday but I'm not getting any energy into me through food!!

Please help, has this happened to anyone else?

I've tried things like ginger biscuits which just make me worse as I hate ginger😩

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Did they check ur iron levels, this can be low with Endometriosis, get some iron tablets from the pharmacy and see if this helps if it does then go to ur GP and get them to do bloods to check ur levels

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No, not that I know of! Thankyou, I'll get my partner to pick some up tomorrow! Xx


Low iron is really common with endo, hope it helps

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