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Mirena + mini pill


Hi all

For years the Mirena worked for me, but now I've started the menopause the pain has returned with vengeance. I think this is because my natural progesterone level has declined already. My GP is suggesting the mini pill on top of the Mirena. Has anyone tried this? Seems a bit drastic to take both at the same time and I worry about the risk at my age (50). At the same time I can't carry on with this much pain.


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How did you get on having the coil and taking the mini pill? I’m in a similar situation - had the Mirena coil for years but now I’ve experienced bleeding again. Have had a hysteroscopy and all ok but Consultant advised taking the pill as well for 3 months. I did this but as soon as I stopped the pill the bleeding returned. GP has prescribed Cerazette for another 3 months and see how it goes. (I’m 51)

Fabbird in reply to Bluenose51

Hi, I didn’t go there in the end. I just tried to keep going and the pain subsided. After about 2 months I was back to normal, ie virtually pain free. It was all very odd. But in the year since it hasn’t happened again. I’m hoping that I’m now passed that stage. At least with menopause you know it’s a process that naturally moves on, even if it is a bit of a rollercoaster.

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