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Hi guys, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and adenomyosis around 6 months ago through a laparoscopy due to extremely painful periods. During treatment I had the coil fitted and began 6 months of zoladex 2 weeks after and finished it last month. I also severely suffer with nausea and fatigue. I am due to go overseas next Friday for three weeks and I was wondering if anyone can offer some tips about travelling with this condition! Thank you!!

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Don't do it! I was in the same position last year and went abroad and it was a really miserable experience. Although my periods hadn't yet returned after finishing zoladex my consultant gave me norethisterone to take 3 times a day to prevent me having a period. Traveling was awful just the walking and queuing at the airport was exhausting and painful. Once I was at my destination I couldn't enjoy much of it due to being exhausted, feeling sick and being in pain if I was on my feet too long. I spent a lot of time laid down in an air conditioned room. I don't know what painkillers you have but cocodamol and tramadol need to be in original box with the prescription label on. Some countries you will require a GP letter to say why you need them. Check what the rules are for the country you are visiting.

Vmvm in reply to Amshell

Don't tell me that I leave this week hahaha! Yes that sounds very much like me and was exactly what I was afraid of. Do you have the coil? My dr says I won't get a period anymore due to the coil but I'm worried I will get one when I am there and it will knock me out. He's given me tramadol to take if the pain gets really bad but zoladex worked well for me so im praying it's still in my system.

Amshell in reply to Vmvm

I've had a hysterectomy and radical excision since then so feel fantastic now. I had the coil but still bled on it but I know it works well for some women. I was really ill with side effects from zoladex and it didn't stop the pain, but it sounds like you've had good results on it. Everyone is different on how they feel. When I went away last year I was only a few weeks away from having my hysterectomy. I was in daily pain and suffering from extreme exhaustion and tiredness. Be kind to yourself when you're away and rest when you need to xx

Hey I just make sure I'm super prepared when I'm going away so take three weeks supply of sanitary products and pain killers just in case wherever you're going doesn't have the same products you're used to. Might also be worth speaking to your gp to see if you can be prescribed some heavy duty painkillers just in case? You haven't specified where you're going but I'm away quite regularly and find as long as I'm prepared it's bearable. If it's somewhere sunny it really helps my mood while dealing with things as well x

Vmvm in reply to Jessjesssophia

Thank you that makes me feel much better! I do think the sun will definitely help my mood as it is awful and cold here in Aus! I have a whole bag of medication to help me but I am just worried about the nausea and fatigue and not being able to keep up with my friends and letting them down. I know that in Greece I can't bring codeine so the dr has prescribed me tramadol.

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