Hi all,

Hope you are all having an fairly good day.

Im now week 3 of another awfull bout 😢😢Been back to thad G.P yet again today in sheer desperation due to chronic pain and extreamly heavy bleeding. Have an mirenea coil in already which hasnt helped any in the 6 months that Ive had it. Awaiting an urgent hospital appointment.

G.P has prescribed norethisterone to stop bleeding for a max of 2 weeks. Was wondering if any you have tried this and if it helped any? And was the bleeding worse when you you stopped taking it?

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  • Hi hun is the medication to cause your body to go into a chemical menopause? If so please find something else. Lupron has been named so many different things. I'm disabled now because of it. Please do your research. I wish I did 😢

  • Im not sure what it does excatley, G.P said it was normanally used by women to stop periods when on holiday? So his theory is if he stops the bleeding, the pain and exhaustion should ease. Just not sure, just want the pain to stop!!! Just having a really bad day and at my wits end x x x thank you for ure repley and sending u big hugs x x x

  • I just checked Google and it looks fine hun . I had danazol years ago the first time and I fell pregnant with our son after. So he was a miracle baby. Just make sure they don't push lupron injections hun most will because they get paid £600 per injection per patient.

    I hope it helps I'm still trying to find a way that works myself. Despite not having any more injections for a year now. I have my periods back worse and I suffer with menopause symptoms as well. I also suffer with narcolepsy and osteoporosis so I'm in constant pain throughout my body and disabled now. I have a group on Facebook #lupronvictims if you want to join. Send me a friend request my name is Cheryl newton hun xxx

  • Thank you x x x I hope you find some thing that works soon x I have always had awfull but bearable periods. Since around March of last year, the pain has been unbearable!!! And has got steadily worse 😢😢 I think the g.p is sick of seeing me, but sobbed today as at the end of my teather!! Waiting for an urgent gayne appt which wont be till July. Once again my family are out having fun and ive crawled in from work and now a ball on the sofa under a blanket 😢

  • Norethisterone is NOT lupron. It's a progesterone treatment, usually used short term to delay a period. I have taken it in the past, I think I was on it for 5 weeks before switching to cerazette. It did stop bleeding in the short term but I had an absolutely horrendous period when I stopped taking it, so be warned.

  • As Jo says, this is a progesterone treatment used commonly to delay periods due to holidays, special occasions etc. Sounds worth a try in the circumstances. None of the progesterone treatments seem to stop bleeding for me but it may do for you. Xxx

  • Thanks ladies, willing to try any thing at this point!! X x x

  • Hi, I am on norethisterone and also microgynon, it took a combination of the two of them to stop my bleeding. I had tried 5 different birth pills before and none of them worked. Definitely needed both oestrogen and progesterone to stop the beast! I have been on them for 10 years back to back. They have not stopped the endo symptoms for me but everyone is different, but they have stopped my periods which is half the battle. I hope you get help soon x

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, fingers crossed this works or gives some relife!!

    Hope it keeps u feeling better and u have a few more good days than bad x x x

  • Just noticed youve been on it for 10 years is that without any breaks ? Do you ever get any bleeding ?

  • II actually started it about 14 years ago, came off it to go on zoladex for 7 months, has a horrendous period when I came off zoladex and went back on norethisterone and microgynon, not had a break since then and that has been 10 years. I had some breakthrough bleeding a few years after starting when i tried to do any kind of aerobic exercise. So I had to stop that. And the breakthroughs stopped. I haven't had any breakthrough bleeds since then.

  • I take this every day, it was prescribed by consultant to stop the heavy periods. I take it non stop and have done for a year now. Before that I was having a break every month . Be warned the bleed after you stop it is pretty painful and bad. I do get some breakthrough bleeding but not like a period. I have been told you can still get a period. I'm waiting to have a polyp removed as well

  • I've been put on this, 20mg daily for 9mths!! On day 3 now, period was due, hasn't arrived so that's a plus. However, still been crampy, windy, and have had a headache which I don't usually suffer from. On a waiting list for a lap, never had one before, but for about three years now I've been controlling when to have periods by using contraceptive pill. Femodene has been the best of the lot, but after three packs back to back, the cramps and spotting are there, like it can't be kept at bay any longer. Really hope norethisterone works for me, can't afford to be taking time off work for period :-/

  • Hi Birdofprey,

    Im now taking this all the time, had a break of two weeks but bleed and bleed so had to go back on it again.

    I still bleed on and off but is better. I was headachey and had awfull mood swings the first few weeks but they seam to be setteling a bit now.

    Hope it works for you or a least helps a little bit, as I think in the end your period controls your life!! Big hugs x x x

  • I'm always on norethisterone I'm on it constantly as thwy can't control my bleeding I take 2, 3 times a day when it gets really bad I upped mine myself to 4 times x

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