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Update from yesterday's results

Today I went and visited a gyno she examined up my vagina she said everything feels fine up there and nothing is stuck together.... good sign..... then she said with the cyst is could possibly be caused from endometriosis or just a cyst that hemmoraged she said because there was blood when they opened you up 3 weeks ago for suspected appendix it was hard to see what kind of cyst it was.... so I have to see her in 7 weeks time and it is already booked in.... I have to get another ultrasound before I see her to see weather the cyst has disappeared or still there if it is still there then they remove the cyst... but praying it has disappeared.... I also have to go on the pill levlen for 7 weeks also and they took a blood test that I get results back for tomorrow to make sure it is nothing else like cancerous she said.

Fingers crossed for my results tomorrow

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I hope u get a good result tomorrow

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Thank you, I won't be sleeping tonight :(


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