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Sorry, I just need to have a little moan


Hi everyone,

Quick recap - Was first diagnosed 2006, since then I have had 4 laparoscopies, 5 or 6 rounds of zoladex and danazol, countless painkillers and I am booked in for my 5th laparoscopy in August.

Today I am sitting typing this feeling so bloody low and pi**ed off with my body. I feel like it is shutting down on me. Out of nowhere once again with no rhyme or reason (although this is my usual time of menstruation) I am experiencing so much pain and my mobility is shot to pieces. Pain radiating throughout hips, thighs, pelvis, back and the heaviest legs ever are dragging me down, not forgetting cramps, mood swings and feeling sooo tired.

Saw consultant two weeks ago who is going to do surgery, this is the same man who said "am I mad?" "why don't you want a hysterectomy? I have women coming to see me who are begging me for one!" ... I have developed a back bone over the past few years when it come to talking with consultants and I firmly said I am 37 years old and am not ready for it. We came to agreement that he will perform a laparoscopy and refit a new mirena coil as this did stop all my bleeding for the past 5 and half years. Now it is has expired I have been increasing in my symptoms so I feel it's time to get something done about it.

I am not necessarily looking for answers form you lovely ladies, but recently it has been ruining my life and last night and today are my lowest for a while. Fatigue is taking control, pain is affecting my family life and at work I am feeling useless and being such a miserable cow. I am feeling like a victim today and felt this is a safe place to have my moan. Thanks for listening xx

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Thinking of you x . I recently declined an oopherectomy at 42. It's a big life changing decision with risks of its own and no i wasn't ready either. Don't let anyone else make you feel bad it's your body and you decide what feels right.

I get lots of those type of days and got signed off for the fatigue and exhaustion last week. I have a excision op in a few weeks which I pray will get me back to normal. You are so brave to have got through so many laps. Only my second but it's full on and l am scared. You are stronger and braver than you think you are. I hope the coil will help you and stop your period cycle again which will be some relief x

Thinking of you x

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