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Just a little support needed

Hi, I have been waiting to start IVF but had a scan last week and been told I have endometriosis and they are giving my an injection to put me into early menopause for three months. Then I will have more scans and bloods to see what has happened. Following that going onto the long cycle not short as before. Has anyone been through the same? Feeling a bit down and I don't know much about endometriosis and can't ask doctor until next week. Thanks in advance. :-)

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Hi. I'm so sorry to hear your fed up, it's really not nice waiting for answers! I personally haven't been through the same as you but I just wanted you to know that your not alone.

I can tell you my experiences with endo if that's of any help to you?

What I would say though is don't be forced into doing a treatment your not happy with. There are several options with endo, surgery being the best. When I had my laparoscopy he 'drilled my ovaries' not entirely sure what this means but have been told since it's supposed to help with fertility so maybe that could be an option?

Here if you wanna talk

Jamie x

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Thanks for replying. I had the injection yesterday and feel okay up to now. It's just nice to other people to talk to who are going through similar situation. Did you concieve after having your ovaries drilled? I wasn't given this option. :-)


Hi, I am currently on the long protocol for IVF and I have had endometriosis for over 17 years. This would be my third IVF attempt. My consultant has decided to put me on Prostap for 3 months before I start injections to stimulate the ovaries for egg collection. The Prostap puts you in a menopausal state in order to shrink the endometriosis. I am on my second injection and I haven't suffered any side affects and I'm totally pain free. After my third injection at the end of December, I will have my baseline scan and all being well, I will start the daily injections.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll be happy to answer.


Thanks for replying. I was going to be on the short protocol but now on the long. Had the injection yesterday and back in February to have an endo scratch? Have you had this done? :-)


My Dr has advised against having the endo scratch. This is because the last time I had IVF which was in 2010 I ended up having an abscess caused by the egg collection. Let's just say that I nearly died! This time they are being very careful and want minimal disruption to my ovaries and lining of the womb. This is the reason why I'm on prostap for 3 months to calm my endo. I'm due to have my final prostap injection on the 29th and have my baseline scan on 2nd January.


Oh that sound very scary! The injection I had will stay in my body for 3 months then I will have the endo scratch and after another month a scan and blood tests to see if it is gone.


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