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Pain when sneezing?

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to see if anyone else has suffered this and answer my queries if it's my endo or if it's something else that I should probably get checked by a GP/Gynae. Sooo, when I sneeze I get this excruciating pain in what I presume is my ovary, it feels just like my endo pain, like someone's stabbing me with a boiling hot knife. It lasts a couple of minutes then passes.

Its getting so bad at the minute due to me also having hay fever so the pains just annoying! I just thought I'd see if anyone's had similar before attempting to get an appointment at the doctors with week long waiting lists!

Thanks ladies, hope you're well


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I had a reaction to a blood pressure med that made me cough and cough all night. I started getting a piercing ovary pain after the coughing fits and 2 weeks later I had what they think was a endometrioma cyst rupture. I'd try and get an ultrasound if I was you to rule it out. It could be 'just' Endo adhesions pulling when you sneeze but best to investigate. Xx


Yes I get pain and a pulling my sesation in my ovaries from coughing, sneezing and even sometimes laughing. Both my ovaries are stuck to the pelvic sidewall with adhesions that grew after I had severe endo removed. I'm now on the waiting list to have my right ovary out as it's causing me do many problems on my right side.xx


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