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Pain all month

Do any of you ladies have pain all month round and not just during your periods?

I'm fed up with Drs trying to convince me it is not endo causing my pain. Because I do not get periods they just don't believe my tiny endo can cause major swelling and a lot of pain. It looks like I will be sent to a pain management person soon as the Drs say all the tests that can be done, have been done. I have to have an MRI and CT scam but if they cannot see anything then I am getting no more help from the hospital.

My gp is willing to give the monthly injections to mimic menopause but I refused it. I really do not want to risk taking something like that when I am so young. I do not want to add to my problems.

Any advice appreciated

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Have you asked for a laparoscopy, that's the only way to be sure if it's endo or not, lots of ladies get pain all the time, me included, I'm very rely without pain of done degree, keep fighting,

Hopefully you Mir will show something up, but if it doesn't that doesn't rule out endo.

Good luck and keep us informed



Yeah I have had a lap but was told my endo was very tiny. Not even fluid filled. Just tissue. Fingers cross the MRI answers the questions.



Hi Sam!

I have pain constantly, have had for the last 2 years, which lead to a laparoscopy.

I also refused the injections etc and pushed for another surgery after the first one failed miserably!

You could keep a pain diary, It's very tedious when the pain is constant but it's worth it to show the extent of pain you are having and can be shown to your GP to push for a referral for a laparoscopy, even if you only do it for 2 weeks.

I know it's easy to say, but demand and be adamant that you want a referral to a gyna/specialist of endo, it will put an end to your wondering what the pain is.

Hope this helps!

good luck xx


Hi thank you!

Iv had a lap and been diagnosed but pushed out the door very quickly by the gynae Saying that the endo wasn't causing the pain and all tests that can be done, have been done. I really want to see a specialist so I'm doing all I can to get a referral, good idea about the diary? I will start it from this week! Xx


This is what first made me go to the doctors! I was in pain all month long, I was told it was maybe a grumbling appendix and sent on my way. A few weeks later I ended up in A+E on morphine with the pain. Im waiting for a lap date to try and diagnose if it is endometriosis.


Good luck. I am diagnosed but that's not enough for the gynae. He still didn't believe me. And dismissed me from his care. I'm not on a 6 months waiting list for a new gynae at another hospital.

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Yes, endo can cause pain all month not just during periods. My doctor also said that there's not much correlation between how much endo you have and how much pain. I have stage IV endo and many of my organs are attached with scar tissue, yet I don't have as severe pain as some people whose endo doesn't look as bad. I'm sorry your doctors aren't listening to your perspective.

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