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Prostap injections

Hi guys. I won't write what's going on with me at the moment but it's all got complicated with my endo covering everything including my diaphragm but my main concern is that I had prostap injections about 8months ago and had the maximum of 6 (1 every month) they said this was enough because of my age (22). I'm awaiting my surgery with 3 surgeons and the wait is 6 weeks so stop my severe pain they have said I should take prostap injections again for another 6 months. Surgeon said this was fine as Iv had a 2 month break off them but I'm worried it's going to cause me problems? What are your thoughts? I'm worried about the future for my fertility ok it won't be great anyway cus of the severity of the endo but I don't want these injections to make it a less chance.

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The guidelines are that prostap shouldn't be given until age 23 because of risk of bone loss - you might not reach the maximum until around age 30. Presumably you were give HRT add back therapy. These injections should only be given for pain as there is no evidence that they will have any effect on endo or surgical outcome. Can you take contraceptives instead? Any decision to take for another 6 months must be a very carefully considered one (with HRT). I assume you are being treated in a BSGE accredited endo centre.


Hi I'm on my 2nd course of prostap injections. I have them not only for pain but to shrink the endometriosis down. Has they are originally for mens prostrate cancer they are also supposed to work in the same was and suppress the growth help shrink down endo before operating and help with the pain. I have the stronger 3 monthly ones. I had them for 9 month in 2015. My Endo now back after a large operation end 2015. Now on another course been on them since January due my next 1 in couple week which will bring us to Oct for next. Both times I have had no break inbetween. I am on tibolone livial hrt to back up hormones.

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