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Running out of ideas

Hi all, I'm new to the group. Just looking for a bit of information.

I'm 35, was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis at 27 after being back and forward to the gp and trying nearly every ocp on the market from the age of 15.

I've had the coil, depo, gnrh analogues, helium laser, had 2 babies and still suffering. Fed up being in pain most of the month, fed up gaining weight and being a hormonal moody mess because of the drugs used to try and control it.

So I've been referred back to gyn and am due to see someone next week.

Has anyone had their ovaries removed and has it been successful in ridding them of their little demon?

Thanks x

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You need to get a referral for a bgse centre. I've been told a hysterectomy won't help by my go and gynae. The best option is to get the Endo surgically removed. However I'm told this isn't really an option for me as too complex as bowel involved. Good luck

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I have bowel deposits too, that's where most of my pain comes from. It's such a nuisance, there's no easy fix. Thanks for your reply.


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