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Help with diagnosis

Advice urgently please: I have all the symptoms of endometriosis & am seeing gyno on Tuesday. Have been in pain for years as had extensive abdominal surgery which left adhesions that cause severe pain so thought it was that. But pain has been getting worse and is now unbearable. I take a lot of morphine and morphine based painkillers but the pain is so bad they don't touch it anymore. Been to gastro surgeon &nothings changed but periods are stupidly heavy and have pelvic and back pain that never had before. Because of all the surgery, all my organs are stuck down or together and am now inoperable as it's too dangerous as they wouldn't be able to see what they were cutting into. In 40's now but had tests for infertility about 10 years ago and my Fallopian tubes were badly damaged. My gp thinks I may have endometriosis but from what I've read the only way to confirm and treat it is with a laparoscopy. Everything I've read said this could lead to a stoma which I had before for 6 months and couldn't cope with. I doubt they'd be able to get in to my abdomen but even if they tried, the possibility of having another bag is absolutely terrifying. I know many people cope really well which I've got tremendous respect for because I couldn't manage. Please can someone tell me if there's any non invasive way of getting a diagnosis and treatment. The pain is excruciating and as I said, even the ton of morphine doesn't touch it and my back is so bad I can only stand for couple of minutes. I don't know what to do as I don't know how they'd diagnose and treat me if I couldn't/wouldn't have laparoscopy. Please can someone give me some advice as I can't be in this mess for much longer and need to know what to expect. Thank you so much for any help at all you can give me

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