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Asking for a Lap

When I last saw my gynaecologist, she told me that my endo could be diagnosed with a Lap and when I wanted to start trying for kids I should get one. I'm 20, not in a position for kids yet but pain is increasing and I want to know what's going on and feel a Lap would be a good idea, how do I go about asking for one on the NHS, I'm paranoid I'll be told no, yet am also terrified of needles and the idea of surgery, any advice?

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Just ask your GP to refer you to your gyno and ask them for the lap, but also mention the pain is increasing. She may even ask you to try hormones first as you're not ready for kids.


I've been on birth control for it for about 3 years and continuously for 3 months but it doesn't seem to be doing anything and making me feel sick constantly which is a big downside


Then just ask for lap, she may not say no due to increasing pains. Best to get it seen to.


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