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Living with endometriosis

Hi everyone....Am new here so here goes....I've finally after about 8 years of going to the doctors all the time and 2 laparoscopy been told I have endometriosis. It was such a relief I sat there and cried when they told me as I knew it wasn't in my head and that there was something(as I sit here writing it I can feel myself getting tearful).... The doctor did lazier it and then I did go for a check up where he told me he thinks it's in the muscles of my womb.... The doctor did talk to me about going for an MRI scan but he wanted to find out some more information first. About week and half before a period I get extremely tired and a real lack of energy and wondering if there's anything I can try to help with this...

Many thanks hannah

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8 years .......pleased you now have an answer to the pain and have been offered help.

i understand , years of pain,like your self a couple of laparoscopy s, ended up going in to have endometriosis removed ,but sadly came out of theatre having a total hysterectomy ,at the age of 22.

i still get amazing pain occasionally but too scared to go the doctors incase its connected itself to another part of my insides,im 47 now .



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