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TMI - passing a clot


I'm day one of my period and I'm in absolute agony. I have just passed a large lump of bloody along with loads of clear stringy mucus looking stuff. All the blood is dark brown so I expect that's Old blood? It's horrible. I now feel very faint too. The pain however has eased after this.

Anyone know what it is? Should I be worried?

I was considering scooping it out the loo and taking it to the doctors but the paper was in the way.

I am definitely not pregnant. So that's not a concern

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Hi Sam341,

I often pass clots and they vary in colour and size. If this is around the time of your expected period then it might just be a heavy month. Old blood can be shed first as you said.

Is your period usually this painful and this heavy?

Use a heat pad and keep on top of your pain relief. Try to rest and take it easy, and drink plenty of fluids. Hopefully the bleeding will become less heavy and you'll start to feel better soon. If you are very concerned and feeling really unwell then a visit to your GP might help?

I am sorry you're feeling so unwell xx


Not this bad but each month is consistently been worse than the last.

I have such bad pressure this time though which is new. It's like I want to push the pain away.

Hopefully it's a fast week.


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