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With endo, have you passed a large tissue clot?

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I passed a rather large clot the other evening and it really frightened me. It wasn't a blood clot which I first suspected, there was in fact a lot of body tissue in it which is what made me scared.

I was just wondering whether this is normal and something I should expect?

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Hi I have passed these several times and they are huge and you get such a fright. It happens all of a sudden and no warning. I don’t know if it’s normal for us, I have endometriosis and adenomyosis. My GP is aware of it and doesn’t seem to be overly concerned xx

Thank you for your reassurance. The out of hours GP didn't seem too bothered by it but did contact the on-call gynaecologist who didn't seem too worried! I'm on tranexamic acid now which hopefully will stop it happening again (this time!) x

I had one not too long after I started the depo provera injection... Turns out it was a decidual cast which can sometimes be the body's reaction to a certain level of progesterone. I freaked out too at first but when I realised what it was I stopped panicking 😅 I hope you feel better soon 🤞💕

That's correct. It's a scary looking pink flesh, called decidual cast. Which is the lining of the womb shredding out.x

Hiya, everyone’s different but in my case it’s pretty normal to pass large tissue clots. I get them every time I have had a break through bleed and when I was having proper periods. They can be scary but as long as your doctor isn’t concerned you should be fine. If you get any changes, like if you’re getting more, it’s always worth going back to them just to make sure everything’s still fine. X

Thank you everyone! You've all really helped x

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