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I have had endo for 3 years now. I have only had one LAP which showed that I have endo in quite a few places, scattered about.. I have now been put on DECAPEPTYL injection and wondering if any of you ladies have been or are on this, im on it for 9 months and so far have had nothing but headaches :( Just wondering whether these will calm down?!


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I had this injection a week ago and I started to get headaches but they seem to have calmed down now. I do feel very tired and tetchy, and today started with thrush!!!

When did you have your injection?

Miranda x


Hey Miranda.

I had my injection on Monday last week!

Really feeling sluggish and tired.

Nooo! Not thrush! I best not be getting that :( Its horrid all the things we got to go through to stop the endo pain :( xx


Hi, I was put on these injections last year. I had 1 and was supposed to have 5 more. 1 was enough for me, I felt worse in myself than I did before, got very down and also had really bad insomnia (not good with a 2 year old to look after!) Everyones experiences are different. I just couldn't cope on it and with the way it made me feel. I am now trying for another baby for as long as I can cope for then if nothing happens I will have to stick to 1 child and have the hysterectomy I'm only 29!! :o( Good luck with all your treatments xxx


Hi, i have been on thes injections since Jan this year i had headaches like migrane for a couple of weeks, they do go away though, my injections last till July, dont know what to do then!!, have fibroids and endo,dont really want hysterectomy.xx


@Conker, its a horrible situation because you dont want to be on HRT for the years leading up to menopause either but wouldnt it be great to get this injection for years :)xx


Hi Sammy1986, id like injection for another year at least but my flushes and night swets are going worse now,think its because my injection is wearing off!


You best see gynae and discuss :) not experienced sweats of flushes yet. Fingers crossed. Do u also have sore knee joints? Xx


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