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Back pain

Hi there I'm just looking for anyone who has similar experiences with back pain. I had a lap 4yrs ago where they diagnosed endo but was only given pain relief following as we were trying for a baby. My baby is now two and the last few months symptoms have returned with a vengeance. I'm currently just managing on pain killers but it's really taking its toll. I'm hoping to get a gp appointment this week for something else. Im feeling so drained it's making me feel really low at the moment. Following my period this month which wasn't as bad as usual my back has been in agony. I just keep getting these sharp pains which catch my breath it's so uncomfortable to sit and bend or do anything but I feel so drained and worn out. It feels like it's a dragging pain constantly and travels around and down my legs. I'm so fed up and tearybwith it. I have this beautiful 2 yr old full of energy and I f el so guilty that I can't always play as much or just have no energy. My husband doesn't really get how difficult it is . Sorry this is long I just wondering if anyone with similar back pain symptoms? I don't know what stage of endo I have and since the lap I haven't seen the gp but it's getting so draining I hope they can suggest something for me

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I had a lap and excision in June last year following back, pelvic pain etc and post surgery it all got worse. It's a bit sciatic tbh and nothing helps much. I'm having another lap in July


Its really, really hard to say. One of my main problems over the years has been back pain! It got to the point that it was not only back pain, but spread and become excrutiating rib/side pain. And subsequently been diagnosed with arthritic spine! But one of the points my gynae asks is how much back pain do i have? Well quite a lot. But i also have muscle wastage from my spine trapping and killing nerves! So i definitely have a spinal issue too! If a physio pushes on on my facets the pain is excrutiating from bottom to mid back. But in saying that, i always wondered if the side pain was endo? Its so difficult. Get to a dr and get evaluated! Thats your best bet! It could be anything!


I had to stay home from work today due to the back pain. My last period ended a good week before it kicked up again, but it's been steady for four days now and it is SO draining. I'm so tired, but I can't sleep well because the back pain keeps me from getting comfortable and pain killers only do so much.

I really hope someone somewhere has an answer. 😐


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