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My story so far

So in 2013 I was admitted to hospital with excruciating pain. I was rolling around the floor in pain it was so bad! I couldn't sit still on the journey to hospital just moving constantly around. My auntie had endo my cousin has endo and my great auntie has it. I didn't know what I had at that point I just knew the pain I was in wasn't normal. I suffered from really bad painful periods up until this point but was palmed off with contraceptive pills. In hospital they couldn't work out what was wrong with me. One minute I was going home the next I wasn't. I refused to go home without knowing something. They took me for an ultrasound and saw fluid and inflammation on my appendix. Even after the scan they didn't think there was anything wrong. But the pain got worse and worse. Then they did a lap and removed my appendix. They found a burst cyst which was causing the inflammation on my appendix. I had a chat with one of the consultants and they said I did not have endometriosis. I was so confused. I'd come out of hospital not having a clue what had caused this so I just got on with it. The doc didn't have a problem so I kind of left it at that. Until 2016 late last year my periods got worse. The pain between my periods got worse. Even ovulating was so incredibly painful :( so I went to the gp again. She did an internal exam, took swabs and concluded she suspected I had endo. I went to have another ultrasound which looked ok and ultrasound registrar said everything was fine. I left feeling confused again! I felt like I was going crazy!

When I went back to my gp she went through the report and said she wanted to refer me to gynae.

Went to gyne this week and told doc all my symptoms I've written all my symptoms in a diary for the last 6 months which has really helped and I would advise anyone else to do the same :)

I've got a lap in 4 months but if anyone can recommend pain relief I would be so grateful!

Lots of love xx imogen

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