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12+ years - finally have answers!

So I'm still in pain after my laposcopy yesterday - which was meant to just be a diagnostic but the gynoe ended up doing some work, but FINALLY I have some real answers. I have a heart shaped uterus, endometriosis and my bowels and ovaries were adheread together. She came to see me when I was still coming round so I can't remember specifics - but she mentioned 'un sticking' my bowls & said I might need MOre surgery but she wants to see me before we make any more decisions so hoping the appointment will come through soon. Even though these three things are not the best news I'm still so so overwhelmed and happy to have some answers, I'm angry how long it's taken to get them though and looking forward to realising money and awareness for endometriosis as soon as I'm recovered. Thank you all for your advice and support in the short time Iv been on this website. Xxx

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I totally know the feeling it's crazy that you don't want to be told you have this illness but you are so happy to have a diagnosis and no longer feel like your imagining it! Hope recovery is going well and your taking it easy! Xxx


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