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Tired of bleeding

Have had regular cycles since last child he is 26..last 3 months been craving ice like crazy..cycle has bren crazy.march normal april normal May..geesh.first started spotting 3weeks ago light to dark..then started seein pieces of tissue..then turned brown and thick clots

.pieces of tissue as well.ok since fay after mothers day been bleed strayed brown turned dark red.mucus like clots.but very very heavy.stopped last night completely.

.yeah!!! No go to restroom brown witj clots.Now red.again..god please somebody help..mafe appointment..but i think i need to been seen Now!how can i if i wnt stop bleeding..iam 47.tired.all the time.mood swings.night sweats.somebody help i hsve no engery.

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Craving ice is a sign of iron deficiency!! I have heavy bleeding with clots and I have PCOS and the endometrial lining is over three times what it should be. It hasn't really been brown though. I am waiting a date for a hysterectomy as I have suffered like this for 30 plus years. Just been diagnosed with large fibroids as well. Hope you get your appointment soon.

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Thank u i hope i do all well hope everything works out for you as well


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