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CA125 test - 21 and Dr didn't say she's requested it?

Hi all,

Went to the drs last week simply because the pain of what ever is going on with me... She did a pelvic / internal exam and also pressed on my stomach which i was in agony. She said she would speed up my first gyno appointment and sent me to have some 'routine blood tests' in which when I went I saw that she also requested for me to have a ca125 blood test... But didn't say anything to what she thought was wrong or that she was going to do it. I'm 21 and am a little freaked out by it (which may be why she didn't say anything) , I don't think its the big C word but I am just scared :(

also any advice on first gyno appointments would be appreciated


Maxine xxx

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Your GP has requested this routinely due to your symptoms and need for gynae follow up. Both me and my mum have had this tested routinely prior to gynae appts - she had a benign ovarian cyst and I have an endometrioma (due further surgery later this year). It is not a cancer indicator.

For your first gynae appt general info about your current symptoms as well as your menstruation history is useful (what age did you start, how regular is your cycle).

hope this helps x

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I had this and it came back 267. Was fast tracked through the cancer route. Had ultrasound and CT scan. Turns out I have large fibroids. I am 44, and doctor tested me as routine because of my symptoms. Usually in women before menopause it indicates a lot of other things. Please don't be worried, but I am sure you would rather it be checked.

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