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light bleeding possible lumps, cause for concern??

hi. I had some bleeding and painful sex around a year ago. and could feel a small lump near my c section scar. went docs and they checked me over and said all seems good and the lump was most likely a fat lump and not to worry. I was told at my last smear I have cervical lesions but was also told it wasn't a worry. fast forward 1 year. and I'm now having random light bleeding. like a bloody discharge. first happened after sex and has been happening for around 1 week. not heavy enough for a period though. I have implanon implant so I actually haven't bled since that went in 2.5 yrs ago. I don't usually bleed at all. over the past few months I have felt a larger lump/firmer area around my right ovary again and also a very small lump below my right rib cage. I don't really have any pain but it drives me insane. I also get alot of acid reflux over the last year at night whilst sleeping. I don't really have any other symptoms. should I be worried. do o need to go back to the doctors as they dismissed me before. my last smear came back fine apart from her saying I had lesions. I am concerned it may be ovarian cancer as this isn't picked up on smear or possibly endometriosis. but as I don't experience pain I really am not sure. keep thinking am I making myself paranoid. I am over weight so could just be fat lumps or scar tissue around c section. but as I never usually bleed really unsure. and don't want to waste Drs appointments if it's all nothing.

oh I forgot to mention I do also feel bloated quite often and just past week have been a little constipated, which isn't usual for me I'm usually really regular with bowel movements

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