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Post laparoscopy questions

Hello everyone,

My Fiancee had a laparoscopy on Thursday (18th of May) to remove the small deposits of endometriosis under her womb. We have a few questions because the surgeon didn’t give us much information.

Over the last few months my Fiancee has had 2 ultrasound scans that have showed a cyst on her right ovary. The first scan showed a 3.5cm cyst in December 2016, the second scan showed a 4.1cm cyst early April this year. The initial consultant told my fiance to be prepared to have that removed during the laparoscopy however when we spoke to the surgeon during her pre-op appointment of the morning of the laparoscopy, he told my Fiancee that he doesn't believe this to be the same cyst growing in both scans because women actually get a new cyst every month which each cycle. This was the first time we had heard this. He then told my Fiancee after the surgery that he did not find a cyst at all. Has anyone experienced this before, and have any knowledge of having a new cyst every month and as the surgeon removed the endometriosis on her womb would this stop the cysts developing every month?

We read that peppermint tea helps with the gas dispersal, this definitely seems to be helping but I was wondering if anyone has found any other methods that have worked that are worth trying?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Concerned Fiance

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Hi, I had a laparoscopy last November. I can't comment on cysts as I've not had them, but I found that sitting (or lying - whichever is most comfortable) with a hot water bottle between my shoulder blades helped to ease the pain from the gas. Also, peppermint tea did help a bit. Wishing your financee a speedy recovery, and bless you for looking out for her xx

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I believe there are lots of different types of cysts, some of which are functional cysts which are considered a normal part of the menstrual cycle as the ovary release the egg. Endometrioma are cut caused by endometriosis and those are really quite different, they grow each month as the body bleeds into them. Hope this helps, and wishing your fiancée a speedy recovery.

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Yeah, it is perfectly normal for women to have a cyst each month. All women who have menstrual cycles have them. They form around the egg and protect it until its time for it to be released. They burst naturally and shouldn't be a huge issue.

Then there are the ones that do cause issues.... I don't know much about those as they can vary for cause and complication. But it is perfectly normal to have a cyst each month.

Also, props to you for being so involved and concerned. You're a shining example of how good partners can be while women fight this. Best wishes to your partner!


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