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Newly diagnosed and feeling alone

Hi all,

I have been undergoing tests since October 16 after chronic stomach pain and bloating worsening at certain times of the month. I was diagnosed with endometriosis a couple of months ago and I am currently recovering from a laparoscopy and dye, hysteroscopy, drainage of a fimbrial cyst and removal of stage 3 endometriosis lesions.

After waking up from anaesthetic, my gynaecologist came to talk to myself and my partner about his findings. My AMH is only 7.7 (which I have been told is seriously low at only 22 years old), my left tube is not working as it should as it indicated no 'fill and spill', the endometriosis has scarred everywhere excluding the bowel, liver and gall bladder, my ovaries are small with fatty deposits and my womb is showing adenomyosis.

He left me with two choices, freeze my eggs as soon as possible which is £6000 and the chances of the eggs being fertilised after the freezing and thawing process is quite low, or have my mirena coil removed and begin to let 'nature take its course' with the option of IVF at 23.

Myself and my partner have been together over 3 years, we have well paying jobs, a house together and are as strong as could be and was looking at beginning to try at 25-26. I'm 23 in 3 months and my partner is 24, so the slight bring forward is no issue. I have a number of medical conditions, Ehlers Danlos type 3 at the highest end of the beighton scale, postural orthostatic tachycardia and vasovagal syncope, so we have dealt with a lot over the past few years.

However, the fear which is running though is currently is so upsetting. I'm unsure how likely I am to fall pregnant alone (without IVF), my chances of miscarriage are apparently high, will I ever fall pregnant with an AHM of 7.7 and what do we do next?

Any advice is much appreciated and honest stories are welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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