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Mirena Coil Removed!

We'll, I gave it a good try and it did stop my periods. So I have removed it with some trepidation as it leaves a me back at square one as a far as endo treatments go.

Feelng very relieved that the Gp took it out quickly today and the surgery was good to have managed to squeeze me in after i called them yesterday saying I couldn't cope with the pain any more. Replacing bad pain once a month with mild to moderate daily pain just wasn't an improvement. So I will see now if the post lap pain was caused by the Mirena and if it was aggravating the pain on intercourse too.

For now feeling pretty darn sore ( yes it hurt) but can feel it's absence in a good way. Fingers crossed for the best.

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Same experience here!! Daily pain was not a good trade for severe pain once a month. Plus is was coming out. Wishing you all the best- I'm trying strict anti-inflammatory diet and more exercise to try to ease the cramps more naturally- yet to have a cycle. You will keep feeling better and better off Mirena. Watch out for bad migraines the first few days but it will ease up.

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