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Bailing on 3rd Zoladex!

After days of stressing and bad sleep with 20 minutes to go to the appointment I couldnt face going through with it and called to cancel the nurses appointment. The doctors surgery called me back 20 minutes later and now I have to go see their senior gynae GP this afternoon who unfortunately is unfamiliar with my case (and I think is male). Feel like school girl summoned to head teachers office. :(

Only agreed to do the Zoladex trial as I was considering the oopherectomy idea but having rejected that it seems pointless. Just not on board with this fixed menopause business at all. At most I would have done one more.

Also trying to get my coil removed as there is no way I am getting post op pain this late on so the post lap new pelvic pain is now almost certainly that. I was told I'd have to wait a month! What am I even doing having 2 different treatments at the same time to simulate pregnancy and simulate menopause. It's insane.

All of these treatments suck and have made me worse that before I ever started.

I have totally had enough of it all! Now I have to go in and explain it all to someone completely new, who will probably just want me to do what the surgeon says.

Sorry rant over.

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I am so sorry it isn't working for you :/ I did have a mirena and decapeptyl together at one point so I don't think it's completely unheard of but I didn't have them together for very long.

With regards to mirena removal - it literally takes seconds and when I had it done it was painless. This is something the GP can do and they cannot insist you keep it in if you don't want to. Same goes for the zoladex. Your body, your choice. You don't have to see this new GP either if you don't feel like it.

That said, it might help to talk things through and they are probably just concerned and want to check that you're OK.

Hope it goes well and you're feeling better now you've made your decision.

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Thanks Jo x

It's a bit of a shame about the mirena as it did stop periods so in that way was working. I didn't mind the progesterone treatment per se it's the having a solid physical object pressing in an already sensitive internal area that's the issue. 5 months is a decent trial.

Stopping very bad pain once in a month only to replace it with less bad pain on a daily basis isn't really an improvement. Perhaps there will be other progesterone delivery mechanisms to explore.


Sorry the treatments aren't working, you don't have to go and see the GP even if they have asked you to go.

Unfortunately I had an awful experience with the mirena and it causes symptoms long past surgery. Zoledex did work for me though, although they were concerned the real menopause had started as it took so long to come back (nearly a year after the last injection) It's so different for everyone isn't it

If you do see the senior Gyne GP ask them to remove the coil since you are there? Crazy to make you wait as above it takes seconds

Good luck


Thanks that is what they did in the end, the delay was because I was in sheer agony even trying to get a speculum in a month or two ago so there was talk of a local anaesthetic being needed. It was still extremely painful but the doctor did manage to open the speculum and do the procedure so no more coil!


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