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Nervous about surgery

Hi all...

I am going in for surgery on Tuesday to have my left overie removed and endo laser off. I have 2 boys aged 8 and 6 and my partner is off for the rest of the week. I am worried about the recovery time and me being able to look after the boys come Monday next week by myself.

They are very good boys but as all the mums know kids take a lot of care and energy which I feel I will not be able to give them. My partner can not afford any more time off work and his boss hasn't been that good about it all.

Any advice would be great, thank you all.

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Hey! I had my first laporoscopy and excision of endo 5 days ago. I also have 2 children and partner has already gone back to work. I was diaognosed with stage 4 and nobody knew how bad it was until they went in to have a look. I was in theatre for 5 hours so quite a big op and quite complicated. Both my ovarys were completely covered and stuck, my pelvic wall was also covered and my Uterosacral ligaments had deep endo on them. It completely depends on each individual and what they end up doing in there.

My advice to you is to rest as much as you can in that week. The first 2-3 days afterwards will be a bit of a blur due to anesthetic and pain medication. By day 4 I was feeling slightly better, however don't push yourself I overdone it and felt awful. It's now day 5 for me and I feel ok looking after my girls, a bit slower than normal but I feel okish. I've even managed to drive this morning (very slowly and taking my time).

The first week just rest, keep mobile, lots of fluids and a light healthy diet to get bowel working again.

Wish you all the best xx

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Thank you so much. I hope you heal quickly and the surgery will help in he long run. It is difficult trying to explain to someone my anxiety but reading your post has really helped.

I know I will have to take it easy and won't be back to work for a couple of weeks but I will stuck to a healthydiet, gentle movement and plenty of fluids.

Good luck with your recovery!! 😊


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