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Need advice

I have recently had lap in Feb this year to remove endo. The last couple of weeks the pain is back and really intense with some bleeding. I'm really disappointed as I was thinking about full hysterectomy but decided not to as I wanted another baby. The pain is back now and I don't no what to do anymore I also have Mirena I've had this for about a year it's helped with heavy bleeding. Has anyone else gone through operation to have pain come back again. Don't no what to do anymore. Got my review appointment in June.

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It probably depends how it was removed. If diathermy (burnt off) then pain can return that quickly. You need excision. It also sounds like you hour had adenomyosis which is when endo has affected muscle of the uterus as this causes pain and bleeding. Also your coil may need replacing - endo sufferers often find it needs doing more regularly.

If you're not at a bsge centre already get your Gp to refer you.

Good luck.


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