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Could distended kidney and kidney stone be related to endometriosis

Having been to a and e, had private ultra scan, have been advised i have slightly distended kidney and have provably passed a kidney stone. Still not managed too see GP yet and week later still in pain especially early hours of morning or when wake up? Have been off sick for 3 days , going to have to ring and see if GP wil see me Monday morning but what else could it be or can they do? Feeling worried had TAH and Bso 2 years ago

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Hi, i would try and get an emergency appointment with your gp, please do not leave it . You Need to convince them to refer you to urology I had/ have endo in my bladder and this eventually caused me to have uretic reimplantaion. I won't bore you with the details but I'm still have problems 5 months after my surgery. I wish you luck, I hope you feel better soon. Sam xx

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