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crazy ESA medicals

hi my name is jeff, I have been sent again for a ESA medical I went last year but while attending I had a Angina attack and was unable to carry on with my medical and was sent home now less than 12 months I have had anther letter telling me to attened another medical, I suffered 3 heart attacks in the past had my heart valve done, three stents put in ,and still after years suffer angina attacks I also have asthma, bronchitis. emphysema arthritis and spondylitis, and top it off just been diagnosed with enlarged prostate ,and still I have to attend these stupid medicals to see if I can work only to them ignore all of my ailments and say I'm fit for work .I'm fuming what can I do besides appeal any suggestion any one please.

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Hi I'm sorry to hear of your situation but this forum is for women with endometriosis.

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Try writing to you MP and see if they will offer you help!


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