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Hi, little update. I have had my initial gynae appointment now and because of the fibroids, he wants me to try Esmya. I had the mirena coil fitted in October and it hasn't helped any with the pain or the bleeding. So this is the next step to investigate/eliminate what is causing the pain. My GP thinks it's endometriosis but gynae said he doesn't think my symptoms match. I disagree as I have read other's information on here and my symptoms match. Just wondering if anyone here has had Esmya and their experiences? Thanks

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I have completed a three month round of Esmya. I was diagnosed with fibroids and endometriosis following a laparoscopy. The consultant said I had so many fibroids that the mireana coil would not touch them. The plan was to have the mireana fitted during the operation, however this was before we knew the extent of the fibroids. I felt good on Esmya, it completely stopped my periods and I had no pain. I did feel bloated a lot of the time and had the initial dizzy feeling associated with Esmya (only lasted for a few mins during the first days of taking it).

I am now on the 2 month break and have had really bad pain. I think this is related to my endometriosis. I haven't been on any hormone contraception (you can't on Esmya) and believe this has made the endo flair up. I am due to go back on Esmya for another 3 months then have a scan to see if the fibroids have shrunk. My period has been lighter than the heavy ones pre Esmya, so I am hopeful they have indeed shrunk.

I hope this has been helpful. And if you believe your symptoms are similar to endometriosis I would push for a second opinion. I was fobbed off for years and misdiagnosed with IBS.

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Thanks for your reply. I started Esmya on monday and had a few dizzy spells, bleeding has slowed but not stopped. However, I am in much more pain. My back and pelvic area are very sore. I'm going to need to go to Dr's on Monday I think unless it settled down tomorrow. Yes, I think I will get to push for a second opinion or further investigation at least.

Thanks again for you reply, hope your fibroids have shrunk and you get the help you need with the pain.


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