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Coil has moved

So I've been telling my doctor since 3 days after my laparoscopy that I'm in a lot of pain, more pain than i should have been and they just fobbed me off with 'you're still recovering from your op'. They finally listened to me last week and felt my stomach and said i needed an urgent ultrasound.

Today i had that scan and guess what.. They should have listened to me because it turns out rather than the coil being in my uterus, It's sat on my cervix. I'm off to see my Gp with in the next hour to get it removed and find out where i stand. As the coil has moved, It's unlikely to have fully covered me contraception wise and me being an idiot had sex without a condom with my partner (we ran out of condoms) 2 weeks ago. There may be a chance I'm pregnant but we worked it out to be 5 weeks if i am, so i need to have blood tests to see if i am.

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Hey !

Just a reply to send you a lot of energy and good vibes. I had issues with my coil as well, and I know how painful it can be. Hope everything will be fine !


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