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Breastfeeding and Endometriosis

Has anyone got any experience with endometriosis while breastfeeding? I didn't really know what it was but now ive read something on it and I'm really concerned. I have been displaying symptoms before my kids but since my second have got so much worse. I am yet to have a period but I'm constantly in agony with my lower belly area, back, legs and headache. I'm constantly tired, like I know I'm gonna be tired but I have slept 11 hours ish last night and I don't feel like ive slept at all. I cant have sex because its too painful and its really putting stress on my relationship with my husband. I also have a history of ovarian cysts and miscarriage.

Anyone have any advice?

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Oh and just to add, I haven't tried contraception while bf but when I wasn't I couldn't use anything because I just would bleed constantly with clots.


I wasn't diagnosed with endo while breast feeding my boys...but I am sure it was building at that time. I nursed Jordan for 10 months and Anderson for 13 month. The cramps would be quite intense, i'd have to go lay down after a feeding the pain was just too much to handle, we r talking pass out pain. After I was done nursing our youngest, that's when things went from bad to hellish.

Hang in there and keep fighting for answers.

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