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Consultant recommendation


I am new on here and new to a potential endo diagnosis. I live in south/central London and would love a recommendation for a gynaecologist who you know to be sympathetic and good with endo.

Severe back pain led to a discovery of a polyp and endometrial cyst on a scan. They have no idea how severe or not the endo problem is.Other than suggesting a mirena coil when they initially sent me in to have the polyp out, no doctor has really suggested looking in to the endo further. Just spent easter in A and E with back spasms so bad they had me on morphine for 4 days. This was just before my period. Back has been a problem since last summer. I want to seek out a consultant privately myself and get to the bottom of this. I am terrified of further back spasms and my gut tells me it's endo related.

Thanks in advance.

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Recommend going with one of the BSGE endo specialist centre consultants, particularly if you have deep or recto vaginal endo symptoms like back pain bladder or bowel symptoms.




Were not allowed to recommend surgeons on here. But agree on BSGE

Also if you're on facebook join endo revisited UK group as we can give recommendations there.


Thanks so much for your replies. I'm new and only just realised about the no recommendations thing! I looked up the endo centres and there's one ten minutes away from me, so will be looking into that. Many thanks again.


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