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Recommendation for endo specialist pleeease!

Hi. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in April, put on pill which stopped all symptoms for a bit, bit over the last 6 weeks or so they've come back. To be honest, I wasn't that keen on my gynaecologist/surgeon and am really after any recommendations for someone who specialises in endo and has been particularly good/successful. Preferably based in London / the South East, but I'd travel for someone really good. I know it sounds silly but am especially keen to see a woman. Previous gyne was male and much older than me and I just found it so hard to relate.

I know we're not supposed to share names etc on this forum - but can we send private messages on this thing? If not, and anyone does have a recommendation, please let me know and I'll send my email address.

Thanks so much in advance.

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I am sorry for your suffering, I have now seen 4 of the 'best' 'specialists' in the country. Hahahha what a joke they are all as bad as one another. It disgusts me the way they waste our time 'pretending' they are specialists but really what they are are average run of the mill gyneas who don't know much about endo. Good luck in your search as you will never find one x


My specialist endo surgeon was very good! Kind, understanding, knowledgeable and treated me like a human being! Me and my husband met him privately just to speed up the process. Think it was about £120. Then he did my operation, with a bowel surgeon present, under the NHS. He was really kind after the op too, as he had to break the bad news about my mushed up ovary and badly scarred insides, affected fertility etc

But he's in Plymouth so not sure that's will help you. Jonathan Frappell. He has a website. Think he's semi retired from NHS, but you could ring derriFord hospital and ask.

If you Google specialist endo surgeons for yr area, it should bring up quite a few and you can always try and speak to them over the phone to get a feel for what they're like.

good luck. X

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Hope23 is right there are some wonderful specialists out there and as she has already mentioned I used google to help mw find mine - I got the list of accredited endo specialist centres from the bsge.org.uk website and googled the surgeons starting with those most local to me - I followed every link I could - I was looking specifically for a surgeon who was skilled enough to deal wirh rectovaginal endo so I searched the surgeon's name and 'rectovaginal' to find out if there was any local news stories such as hospital newsletters etc etc. Good luck (& don't listen to the negative Nellie's - the good surgeons are definately out there) oh and you could appriach cuddlybarb - I think she is under a female consultant in the south who has a extremely good reputation xx


Brilliant response to jmax, and v. helpful, but think you replied to my post as I had an email alert saying you responded so I'm wondering if jmax may not see it unless she scrolls down on this thread. Maybe copy and paste yr message and click the reply under her post so she gets a notification as it seems a shame if she doesn't read yr advice




If there is 'good specialists' as you put it then why aren't you cured???????????


Wp22 enough! We should celebrate if someone has had a good experience, not be horrible and nasty to each other. Also you know endo is not curable. So please zip it!

Jmax1 I had a good experience in Bristol with Mrs Caroline Overton. She's very good. I moved to London and I'm sad she's no longer my gynae. I hope you find someone you trust and can help you improve your symptoms and give you back some semblance of life xx


Thanks so much all - I'll look into all these suggestions. wp22 - whilst there is a place for realism on this forum, and you've obviously had a bad experience which I'm very sorry for, negativity isn't helpful. 'You will never find one' - might have been better not to respond at all! If there are truly no decent doctors out there specialising in this, which I don't believe for a second, we may as well all give up now!!


WP22, our forum is a place for support and encouragement for anyone affected by Endometriosis.

We endeavour to promote a positive environment for all users.

And find positive stories a real inspiration to all, as frustrated as you may feel right now, the forum is not a place for negativity, we are all here to support each other and point each other in the right direction.

Petunias post is spot on and you should refer to the bsge.org.uk to find accredited endometriosis centres.

Please keep the forum a positive, nurturing and friendly environment.

Also a quick reminder that we can not name consultants and clinics, hospitals or doctors on the forum and that the bsge website should be refered to assist you in finding the correct specialist and centre for you.


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